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Unique baby journals for memories that last a lifetime

A baby journal for 2022

Your baby is here.

That incredible moment when they take their first breath and make their first sound.


Admiring their beautiful features, those round cheeks, their mother's hair and father's eyes.


Kissing their soft pure baby skin for the first time, taking in their gorgeous new-born baby smell.


The amazing feeling when they wrap their hand around your finger.


Document all those feelings and emotions in your own words with 'My Baby Journal'.

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My Baby Journal in Ivory

Somewhere special to record your baby's first year

 'My Baby Journal' was originally designed for my own daughter who was born in a very unique year of lockdown. These journals are perfect for recording your baby's special first year and all the memories that other journals don't always allow for.


100 high quality pages in neutral colours with a beautiful woven cover, available in ivory and grey.


These journals are something to cherish forever, so they are packaged in luxury keepsake boxes so that they can last a lifetime. The keepsake boxes are perfect for storing any other treasured items from your baby's first year such as baby scan photos, hospital bracelet, cards from when they were born or their first curl.


Tell your baby's story your own way

little booklet of prompts for baby journal

We all know how hectic parenthood can be and how easy it is to miss a few pages so the booklet was designed to trigger all those special memories and help parents complete the book without worrying they have forgotten their baby's best moments.

Every baby has their own unique journey, so the Cheeky Little Smiles 'My Baby Journal' was designed to be unique too. The journal retains the typical elements of a 'regular' baby journal such as baby's firsts, favourites and family tree, but also acts as a blank canvas in order to record every last detail in your own way.


All our baby journals come with a separate little booklet of prompts rather than prompts printed in the journal itself. You won't feel like you've missed a box or have to fill in parts that might not seem relevant or important.


Moments that bring you joy

Give the gift of memories

These beautiful baby journals will remind new parents of the most precious moments from pregnancy to first birthday. Something special they will treasure and read back for years to come. The gift that truly lasts a lifetime.

grey baby journal

Why baby journals make great gifts

This book and optional keepsake box can be cherished by both parent and child in the future and can even be passed down to their own children to read and enjoy. A baby journal is sentimental and treasured for life.

luxury keepsake box for baby journal

Reading back a baby journal reinforces the special bond between a parent and child.  The parent can enjoy keeping track of all the big and small moments in baby’s first year they may have otherwise forgotten about.

A baby journal lasts longer than most baby items and costs less. The essential items like a pram, cot and car seat are all expensive and serve just a practical purpose for a few years and then is passed on or thrown away. 

Treat a mum to be to the perfect gift for her little one.