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10 unique gender reveal ideas

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Gender reveal parties are becoming popular again now lockdown is easing.

Let's take a look at some different ideas for announcing the gender of your new baby.

  1. Clean balloon pop

We've all seen the classic balloon pop where you put a pin in a big balloon and see if pink or blue confetti comes out.

Now the weather is getting colder, the balloon basement ltd have come out with a clean gender reveal balloon. You pop the outer neutral coloured layer to expose the colours inside the main balloon. No mess - perfect for indoors.

2. The gender reveal cake

Being a cake lover this is my favourite. Give your gender to a baker and they can create a pink/blue sponge and cover the cake in gender neutral colour icing. Cut the cake with all your family and friends to reveal the colour inside.... then enjoy the cake together. This can also work well with cupcakes.

gender reveal cake

3. Balls filled with coloured powder

This one is great for all those big sports fans. You can get a ball (baseball, golf ball) which is filled with pink or blue powder. Then you hit it with your bat/golf club and watch the colours fly out. Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea recently announced her baby's gender doing this on Instagram.

gender reveal baseball

4. The gender reveal candle

This one keeps the suspense going for a while. Light the candle and watch it burn until it reveals a hidden colour.

5. The burnout tyre pack

This one is perfect for any car enthusiasts. The Gender Reveal Tire Burnout Kit comes in a black bag that sticks to your tyres. Start the engine and drive off and watch the pink or blue powder fly!

gender reveal tyre burnout

6. Smoke bombs

This one is great for capturing photos and videos of everyone's reaction as the smoke lasts for around 60 seconds. Pull the pin and watch a vibrant cloud of pink or blue smoke surround you.

7. Sibling hand prints

This one is too cute. Wear a white t-shirt over your bump. Ask your child to dip their hands in either pink or blue paint and then they place their hands over your bump in front of everyone revealing the new baby's gender. Such a lovely way to get them involved.

gender reveal older sibling painted handprints

8. Gender reveal t shirts

Announce your new baby's gender with family t shirts. The eldest child has a big brother/sister t shirt and is holding a baby grow saying little brother/sister. Everyone loves a sweet baby gender announcement like this.

9. The mystery box

The mystery box is a lovely idea. Open a large box in front of family and friends and watch pink or blue balloons float out. You could change what is inside the box to make it more unique - perhaps a collection of cute girl/boy items like booties, hats or sleepsuits.

gender reveal mystery box

10. I lava party

A good one for older siblings if they are into science. Get a volcano kit from a toy store (or make your own if you are creative) and add some food colouring to the baking soda (the more drops the brighter the colour), then add the vinegar to create the eruption to reveal. A great surprise for big brothers and sisters and lots of fun too.


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