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6 Reasons to buy preloved children’s clothing

preloved children's clothing
preloved children's clothing

Buying preloved is becoming a global phenomenon and is expected to grow up 126% by 2026!

73% of clothing is still being sent to landfill or incinerated - of which, 95% could be reused or recycled. Isn’t that just crazy! It’s so easy to shop pre-loved now with so many great options.

It’s important to pass on what we don’t need anymore and find it a new home rather than discard it. So why should we buy preloved?

1. It saves money!

Buying new children’s clothes can be expensive, particularly when you consider how quickly children grow!

You would be shocked if you calculated price per wear on those cute jeans you purchased just a few months ago that now no longer fit your toddler.

Buying pre-loved for your little one not only allows you to pay less but it also gets you a better price per wear as your child grows!

2. It fights fast fashion

Fast fashion brands are tempting when you’ve got a little one; they’re affordable, on trend and for the most part, quite easy to buy. But many produce irresponsibly, potentially exploiting workers, and are generally not very environmentally friendly. The fabrics and techniques used are not designed to last, resulting in poor quality clothing that ends up in the bin and eventually as landfill.

On the other hand, buying new clothing from eco-friendly brands can feel expensive as usually these brands are a much higher price.

Buying pre-loved items can be more accessible than buying new and still fights fast fashion.

3. More Variety.

Have you ever wandered into a second-hand clothing shop and seen rows upon rows of the same brand or style? Didn’t think so.

Buying pre-loved means you get to explore a whole range of different items in a choice of styles by a variety of different brands. You can’t go wrong with classic styles like adorable dungarees and smart shirts for your little one but shopping pre-loved also allows you to choose on-trend items without paying top prices.

4. Supporting small businesses.

Here at Second Snuggle we would love you to shop with us, but there are some really great small businesses to shop preloved from, now making it really easy to shop preloved. Shopping from a small business, you know that items have been checked over thoroughly and you are able to return if you had a problem, this can be much harder on marketplaces.

5. Teaching children to be more sustainable. It is really important for children to see us buying preloved and trying to support a circular economy. I know that my children love things just as much when we have them preloved as they would from new. They know it has come from someone else and we always talk about where we are going to send it when they have outgrown it (sell it on or hand-me-down to friends/family).

6. Designer fashion for less. Due to the prices of items when buying preloved (normally around 50% of RRP or even much less) it's easier to buy quality items. I know for me, I wasn't able to justify putting my kids in higher branded items but by buying preloved I can get quality clothing and the brands we love for the price of supermarket clothing!

About Second Snuggle

This blog was written by Ruby Blaken. She started her small business (Second Snuggle) after having her own three children and needing to find a place for all the outgrown clothing. Three years on from the first thought about starting and two years of having a website she has rehomed over 10,000 items of preloved and new clothing!

At Second Snuggle we sell and also buy preloved clothing so head to the website to see what we have in stock and pop us a message if you have a bundle of outgrown clothing you would like to clear. Children’s and Maternity Preloved clothing.


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