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Nurturing delicate baby skin - essential care tips for healthy sensitive skin.

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous and transformative experience that makes us strive to provide our little ones with the utmost care and protection, especially their sensitive skin. Baby skin is exquisitely tender and sensitive, requiring special attention and a gentle touch. Understanding the characteristics and vulnerabilities of their skin is paramount to ensure their healthy development and overall well-being. 

According to Baby Magazine, Baby skin is five times more sensitive than adult skin, with a much lower resistance to outside factors like temperature and water. From choosing the right products to establishing a consistent skincare routine, we will provide valuable practical tips to help you navigate the world of infant skincare.  

Giving your baby the best start in life with the following key recommendations: 

  • Wash your hands before and after carrying out any baby care.

  • Use water only for baby skincare for the first month of life – read the labels and avoid products containing sulphates (SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, artificial colours and perfumes.

  • Breastfeeding your baby will strengthen their immune system.

  • Do not overload your washing machine – this will help prevent washing powder chemical residues on clothing.

  • Use a thin layer of barrier cream on the nappy area to help protect against the development of nappy rash. This cream should ideally be free from preservatives, colours, perfumes, and antiseptics. 

  • Massage oils should be vegetable-based and free from mineral oils, perfume and colours. If any family member has a history of nut allergies, you should also avoid nut-based oil.

baby massage

Also, when selecting fabrics for our precious little ones, it is crucial to consider their softness, breathability, hypoallergenic properties, durability, safety, and ease of care. 
According to the website, parents will know how incredibly soft and delicate their child's skin is but with this comes a heightened sensitivity.
Tips for when your child's skin is extra sensitive:

  • Go for Organic Cotton: Organic cotton grows without harsh chemicals or pesticides.      

  • Avoid Strong Detergents: Staying clear of strong detergents can help babies with extra sensitive skin.

  • Avoid Getting Them Too Warm: As well as helping to lower the risk of overheating, keeping your baby cool can also help reduce skin irritation. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature. That, in turn, can cause blocked sweat glands and an irritating heat rash. 

  • Choose Skin Care Carefully: When your baby's skin is extra sensitive, it's essential to be more careful about the products you use on them. Choose natural, gentle or hypoallergenic products whenever possible. Be sure not to use strong soap or bubble baths until their skin is old enough to be more protective. 

  • Do not wipe, dab: Due to excessive drool and dribbling, around the mouth and chin is a common area for irritated skin. Use an organic cotton cloth instead of wiping. 

baby sleeping

Check the information card. Make sure there is no harsh chemical or chemical dye in printing designs. Avoid synthetic threads; they cause itching for sensitive skin.
In Prima, we promise 100% organic cotton newborn clothes inside out, starting the inner thread to the final printing materials. We use this colouring method (check UTN material on this) for the garment dye, and for our embroidery, we use Madeira sensa thread (check their information about being organic) and for the personalised designs, we use wax-based and water soluble ink to create the designs, no vinyl or other harsh chemicals.

baby muslins

As we explore the wonders of baby skin and uncover essential care practices, embark on nurturing your child's delicate skin journey with Prima Cotton Baby Shops collection of super-soft and gently made Organic Cotton baby clothes. Our clothing line is designed to promote their health, comfort, and natural radiance. Join us at Prima Cotton Baby Shop to provide your little one with the utmost care and comfort they deserve.




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