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Baby's first holiday

We have just returned from Menorca and had the most amazing time.

We were supposed to be in Mexico. I booked it ages ago, but it was not meant to be with the government moving the country to the red list the week before we were due to travel. Quite a stressful few days trying to get our money back. Hotels all cancelled and fully refunded but according to TAP Air, it's still ok for us to travel as we can quarantine in a hotel when we get back..... not quite the point of our red list. I do feel that if these airlines want to use our airports, they should fully understand each countries government travel rules.

We still had the time off booked so decided to take the girls somewhere else and searched at the very last minute and found TUI Grupotel Turquesa Mar in Menorca.

I didn't really know what to expect with it still being available last minute during the summer holidays but it actually surpassed all expectations.

It is an all inclusive hotel 5 mins walk from the beach. It is super super clean. The rooms were just what we needed and had an actual cot for Ava, not just a typical travel cot that we see in most hotels. The pool area was spotless too and there was plenty of shallow areas for the girls to play; one even with a cover over the top to shade them.

I haven't booked at an all inclusive for the family before and just expected the same old bland food every night. They had a different cuisine each evening and Mark and I were especially surprised by how lovely the Sunday roast was. As a huge potato fan, the Menorcan's really make the best potatoes too. :-)

For Lucy, her favourite part of every day was when the evening show would start. She was entranced by all the performances; magic shows, circuses, bands and dancing. Anyone who knows her well, would know she is so shy and to see her get up and dance along with the performers was so heart-warming and a joy to watch.

There was one lady in particular who worked there called Leina from Norway. She was absolutely incredible with the children and made such a big effort to be welcoming and get the girls to join in with the activities. If anyone goes there, look out for her - she is the loveliest girl!

Taking Ava on holiday was interesting. She is a completely different child to Lucy. An absolute fidget. She won't sit still for a second, unless she is eating. Then as soon as she has finished eating, she wants to jump out the high chair. There was not a single moment to relax with her around. Even beside the pool she would not stay in the water, wanting to climb out and wander from pool to pool, or worse find a staircase to wander off completely.

I remember my mum once saying to me, that when I had learnt to walk, I stepped out the house one day and kept going. She followed me to see when I would turn around and panic that I'd either gone too far/didn't know where I was or wanted my mum. I did neither. I just kept going without turning back. This is exactly how Ava is like. She even knows she is being cheeky wandering off because if she hears us behind her, she will laugh and go faster. Such a monkey.

She did not take well to the beach. We put her down for the first time next to the sea so the sand was not too hot. The look on her face was priceless. She was not sure about it at all and when the waves came in and covered her foot, that was it. The crying began and we had to pick her up and walk her into the sea so she could get used to the water and then try her on dry land again after. She did get used to it fairly quickly and was happy to play at the beach the following day.

It was a really lovely time to get away. I love holidays and its been hard not being able to go anywhere during the pandemic. I hadn't planned a trip until now as its hard to take a small baby but I am grateful we got the chance to go this summer.

The weather was gorgeous every day and it was great to see the girls happy and smiling, enjoying the new scenery. Lucy even loves the small moments, like the plane journey and arriving at the hotel and exploring the room.

I can't wait to take them again next year, hopefully with their older sisters too. :-)


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