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Legoland after lockdown

We had wanted to take Lucy to Legoland for a while, so when it reopened we decided we would take her for her 5th birthday as a surprise. When she found out she was so excited.

I have been a few times before with my stepdaughters when they were young and we'd always had a great time.

I was a bit apprehensive about going during a pandemic with the restrictions in place but felt reassured that we had to book beforehand and they were only allowing a certain amount of people to enter. I have no idea what this amount is, but once you are in the park, it feels really busy. We went on Saturday 22nd May and it had sold out. We arrived later than planned but the queue to get in went down really quickly so we were off to a good start.

Once inside it then hit me just how busy it was. The queues for the smaller rides were so much longer than normal as there was limited capacity on each ride. The pirate ship, for example, had one row for a family, the next row empty so it felt like you had to wait twice as long. Sadly for us, this was the first ride we waited for, only to get to the front of the queue to find out it had broken down and we could not ride it.

I saw a sign with waiting times for the rides and we selected one that had a 5 minute wait. This seemed too good to be true. It was. The wait wasn't 5 minutes. Once we turned the corner and saw a huge queue of people we realised it was not going to be a short wait after all. I downloaded the LEGOLAND app and this had more accurate times. The 5 minute wait turned out to be 50 minutes according to the app, so I am glad we left that queue when we did. By 1pm we had been on one ride.

Once we realised that we would have a wait a long time for every ride, we decided to focus on the main attractions. We headed off to Lego City Deep Sea Adventure. The wait time for this said 50 minutes. After an hour waiting and almost at the front, the ride broke down. It felt like we had had the worst luck ever. 20 minutes later they got it working and we finally went on. Lucy and Ava absolutely loved it. It's such a lovely ride, going in a submarine and seeing all the sea creatures through the windows.

We did try to go on the Ninjago ride too but 20 minutes into waiting for that, Lucy needed the toilet!

We didn't have the best of luck with the rides and I personally would recommend waiting until all restrictions have lifted before visiting. Even though my husband and I were frustrated with the days events, Lucy had an amazing time and she can't wait to go again.

Fortunately there are plenty of play parks and other activities for the children and the Miniland is very impressive. I particularly love the Wales Lego section with the music.

My top tip if you do decide to go now is to download the app to get the most accurate information, particularly the ride wait times.

I'm sure your children will love it.


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