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Morning Sickness – Yoga exercises to help keep it at bay

The first time I felt nauseous in my pregnancy I was so excited. It’s one of the most common pregnancy signs that we hear about and I was so chuffed to finally be in this ‘club!’. The excitement very quickly wore off as the reality of morning sickness kicked in. Feeling like I was going to vomit in the middle of a work meeting, constantly feeling nauseous and not wanting to eat anything (I’m a real foodie so this one was the hardest for me!)

The good news – there are plenty of things you can try to help with morning sickness. Here are 3 Yoga techniques that will help you kick Morning sickness’ butt!

1 – Deep Breathing

-With your eyes closed (optional, depending on where you are), bring your focus onto the breath

- Breathe in deeply through your nose

-Breathe out slowly through your mouth

-Repeat 5/6 times, or as many times as you like until the wave of nausea has passed.

Further Options:

-Try placing your hands on the lower abdomen to feel connected to the baby as you practice

- You can use the affirmation ‘this is temporary, it will pass’. Try repeating this statement in your mind as you continue to breathe deeply.

2- Modified Half Moon Pose

-Start in a kneeling position

-Slowly extend the right leg out to the side, turning the right foot to face forwards

-Bring your left hand down towards the ground until your fingertips are touching the ground

-Once you feel stable, slowly reach up with your right arm

-Hold for 3 or 4 breaths

-Slowly, bring your top arm down, bring yourself back to the starting kneeling position.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Further Options:

-To take the pose further, you could carefully lift the extended leg up, until it is parallel to the ground.

-If you struggle to reach down with your fingertips, you can use a prop (yoga block, cushion, a book) to lean on instead

3 Cat/Cows with breath connection

– Bring yourself down into a table top position (on your hands and knees, ensuring your hands are in line with your shoulders and your knees are slightly wider than hip width apart).

-As you breathe in, arch your spine bringing your hips up and abdomen down towards the ground. Take your shoulders gently back.

-As you breathe out, round your back tucking your chin to your chest.

-Repeat this 6-8 times or until you feel better.

Further options:

-To relieve the pressure on your wrists bend your elbows slightly.

This blog was written by Rima, the Grounded Yogi. Rima is a mother of two young girls and a qualified yoga teacher. She aims to empower women at every stage of pregnancy, post-natal and into the everyday juggle of motherhood using mindful movement and meditation. She is also the latest winner of the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday!!! To find out more, go to the website link below or contact using the email address.


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