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Why is c section awareness so important?

What do you already know about c sections?

For me, I knew the physical procedure; mum lays on a bed in theatre, surgeon cuts open her tummy, takes baby out and then stitches her back up.

I recently read a blog by Jenna Farmer about how few c sections are shown on TV and it got me thinking. Why does nobody ever have C-Sections on TV? - Mumernity

There really isn’t much awareness around c sections at all. Can you name a TV programme or film where you have seen a woman give birth by planned or emergency c section? I think the only time I have seen it is on One Born Every Minute, and even then, we don’t get to understand the full extent of it.

We often hear of c sections being the ‘easy option’ or ‘too posh to push’. As someone who has had 2 unplanned and quite frankly, unwanted c sections, I would give anything to not have to go through those recoveries again.

I think back to the discussions I had with my midwife about the birth in the final weeks of pregnancy, and although caesareans got mentioned, I don’t recall being told too much about them. I think every mother should have all the information weeks before she goes into labour, so she can be fully prepared if the birth results in an unplanned c section.

I didn’t know any of the details behind the surgery; the amount of people that would be in the room, how long it would take, how I would feel, the process leading up to it, the reasons c sections are recommended, what I needed to wear and that my body would shake. I didn’t know where the baby would be taken when she was born and that the gown would be close to my face blocking out a lot of my view.

The surgery is just the beginning, and this is my biggest issue when it comes to awareness. There needs to be more discussion about the recovery stage. Again, I think the only thing I knew about the recovery was that you cannot drive for 6 weeks. Even this is not correct. You are able to drive again when the doctor signs you off and you feel ready.

There are so many aspects to the recovery; physical, emotional and mental. It’s incredible to think that 24 hours after major surgery you can leave hospital with a baby and are expected to just get on with motherhood. I had my first daughter in 2016 and my second during the first lockdown in 2020. My heart goes out to any first-time mothers of the pandemic. Having a c section any time is hard, but going through the recovery alone is crazy. Laying next to your baby unable to reach out to them and having to rely on a buzzer in the hope that one of the extremely busy and overworked midwives will come soon and hand you your own child, all while you are recovering from the operation.

Over the next few weeks, during C section awareness month, I will be sharing all the different things I did not know about c sections before having mine on my instagram page Cheeky little smiles (@cheekylittlesmiles) • Instagram photos and videos. I felt quite traumatised by my experience and I am sure that a lot of it was down to lack of knowledge and preparation.

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I hope this information will help you. If you had a c section, I would love to hear from you and whether you felt prepared for the experience you had.


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