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You wanted to scoot before you could walk

One of my favourite little moments so far was when Ava was 8 months old.

She was really on the move early. Crawling everywhere. I noticed she kept crawling into our hallway and trying to grab Lucy’s scooter. I’d quickly scoop her up in my arms so it wouldn’t fall on her and hurt her. After a few days of this, I wondered if she actually wanted to have a go on the scooter. I popped her tiny little feet on it and put her hands on the handlebars and gently pushed her forward (holding onto her very tightly of course). The cutest thing happened. As I pushed her along, she stuck one foot out and started moving it as though she was scooting. She had obviously watched her big sister scoot to school and around the neighbourhood so many times that she understood how to use it. Even at 8 months. It was such a lovely moment and one that I shared with everyone. I do wonder what goes on in their little minds. Even in lockdown they are advancing more than we realise.

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