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Jessica's Planned C Section Story

Thank you to Jessica for sharing your planned c section story. Jess wrote her first birth story for us which resulted in an emergency c section (you can read this here and is now kindly sharing her second c section birth story which was planned.

So I shared my previous emergency c section story from my first born, with the stress and the trauma.

Followed by the unable to bond with my baby, post natal depression and the worst recovery.

So in 2022 I had my second born, it was a tough decision as to whether I attempted a natural birth with a high chance I could end up with an emergency c section again or if I just opted for a planned c section this time. Weighing up my options I worried about a c section after the experience with my first, the last thing I wanted with a toddler was to have a long recovery and suffer with post natal depression all over again after overcoming it all.

I opted for the c section, but if I went into labour naturally prior to that I would try a natural delivery. However I reached my c section date which I have to say I was relieved about as I was so worried about the risk of having an emergency section again.

The day before my section I had to go into the hospital for a COVID test, I had no symptoms so didn't think anything of it up until the next morning, the day of my section I got a call to say my test had come back positive. So of course I panicked again thinking they wouldn't do the c section.

Thankfully they still went ahead. When I arrived at the hospital I was out into my own room rather than on a ward as precaution for everyone else with my test coming back positive, I was still able to have my birthing partner who was my sister. I then waited for them to tell me what order we would be going in from those awaiting a planned section the same day as me.

I also suffered with gestational diabetes throughout this pregnancy so due to this I would usually be prioritised to be one of the first down to theatre however due to the COVID which they usually send down covid positive patients last they wasn't sure what to do, another positive was that they decided I'd go first due to the gestational diabetes so they got be gowned upz talked me through the whole process along with risks etc.

The whole process was so calm, every nurse, surgeon, in fact every member of staff on duty made me feel so relaxed and at ease. Once we arrived at theatre I was again explained the process and what would happen, any concerns or questions I had.

Once I had the spinal, and was lay on the bed they again talked through everything they were doing form spraying cold water to ensure I was numb and had no feeling through to when they were cutting, etc. The whole time I had someone at the top next to me ensuring I felt ok.

The best moment ever when I heard that little cry and saw my second beautiful baby boy, who I was able to hold after his chord was cut. Unfortunately whilst I was holding him I began to feel light headed so asked my sister to take him, and I was reassured it was because my blood pressure had dropped slightly but that soon corrected itself and once I was all stitched back up I was able to go back to my isolated room which I can't lie was a bonus after having surgery and having a new born.

I was up and walking by 4pm after having my section at 9am which in itself felt like a huge achievement after my emergency section where I couldn't walk until the following day after having surgery at 1.50pm

In terms of recovery everything felt so easy, don't get me wrong I had some pain but as long as I kept up with painkillers I was honestly so much better that my emergency section. I was able to walk, I was able to care for my baby and my toddler, I was out walking my little boy to nursery with the pram 3 days later which I could have never done with the emergency section. My mental health was so much better and I think this was partially due to how well the recovery went also.

So for anyone worrying about a planned section after having an emergency section, please don't be. Not if my experience is anything to go by, I think an emergency section is so rushed that it's perhaps why recovery could take a bit longer too as they aren't as gentle to say, whereas the planned section was done with so much care and attention that it helped aid the recovery also.

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